Question Paper Analysis

The question pattern which marked Clat 2019 was purely based to test speed and accuracy of the students. And how well one can manage one’s time to get the maximum output and maximum score in two hours, was the main test. Clat committee very smartly kept the level of the question easy with few questions being in moderate level and put up a lengthy paper overall. Clat aspirants who did not have thorough practice would have found it a difficult nut to crack.

SECTION No. of Questions Expected Good Attempts Level of Questions
ENGLISH 40 30 – 32 Easy to Moderate
Legal Reasoning 50 40 + Easy to Moderate
Logical Reasoning 40 30 + Easy
Numerical Ability 20 15 + Easy
Current Affairs/General Knowledge 50 40 + Easy to Moderate
Total 200 165+ Easy to Moderate


Let's go through each section very carefully


English section was easy to moderate this year. Reading Comprehension had 10 questions, 5 foreign words, 5 easy parajumbles, 10 error detection questions, 5 spelling questions, 5 idioms/phrases.


It was quite astounding that All 50 questions were principle-fact based questions. Usually the allotted time for solving this section is around 30-35 minutes when you will find 15 questions from Constitution /Legal Awareness/Legal maxims. But the absence of questions from Constitution/Legal Awareness/Legal maxims, automatically increased the allotted time to 45-50 minutes. This 15 minute increase would have created pressure on other sections as well. The topics asked this year were Law of Contracts(25), Criminal Law(8), Law of Torts(10), Miscellaneous Laws(7). 


The reasoning part mostly focused on analytical reasoning. This year questions from critical reasoning were missing. There were two sets of puzzles, one seating arrangement set. The remaining questions were from the usual topics like Blood Relations(1), Coding Decoding (2), Number Series(4), Alphanumeric Series(2), Analogy(2), Direction(1), Syllogism(5), Odd one out(2), Logical Consistency(5). Overall the section can be put under easy to moderate level.


This section was very conventional. The level of the questions was easy. The topics asked were Percentage(2), Ratio and Proportion(1), Mixture and Allegation(2), Profit, Loss and Discount(2), Simple and Compound Interest(2), Time and Work(1), Time and Distance(2),Number System(1),Mensuration(1), Miscellaneous(6).


This section was easy to moderate. Some questions were confusing and diverging from the usual syllabus for eg. Green card, percentage increase, Pakistan terrorist court

However many questions of this section were easily doable like: Headquarters of ADB, ISA. Ausindex, Kandhamal haldi, Shahi litchi, Earth day.

Most of questions were covered in LAW ACADEMY’s mock test as well as classroom programme. Students of LA did not find it very surprising as they were well prepared throughout the year.

** The above analysis of CLAT 2019 is based on the memory of students.

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